Bank Hall, Bretherton

One of the finest examples of Jacobean architecture in England, Bank Hall in Bretherton is currently on English Heritage's 'Heritage At Risk' register and is in a very poor condition.

The oldest parts of the existing hall were built in 1608, when the Banisters demolished the old building and commenced work on the buildings we see today. The house was enlarged by George Webster in 1832 and the most prominent element is undoubtably the clock tower, built between 1660 and 1665. Jacobean architecture was the antithesis of classical purity and Bank Hall is no exception to this rule.

Next Big Thing’s proposals will completely restore the building’s external envelope and deliver a range of houses and apartments that will be both desirable and great to live in. The building offers the opportunity to create fantastic modern living spaces within the shell of this important Jacobean building – large four bedroom houses in the North wing, grand double height mezzanine dwellings in the West wing halls and large duplex apartments to the building’s upper floors.

The Friends of Bank Hall have campaigned tirelessly to save the building for over a decade and will be based in the restored Prospect tower and central vestibule spaces where they will host public exhibitions, events and educational seminars.

Letting Fees Apply (£175):

  • AST
  • Inventory Check
  • Deposit Registration
  • Tenancy Set Up